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Young people accessing our services tell us that remote working (which is speaking with us via phone or computer) is helpful.

As you may know the West Midlands region is directed by the Government to keep people safe from COVID-19 by reducing the amount of face to face contacts you have with others. This could be with your friends and family, but also the mental health staff you work with. Talking to someone face to face about your difficulties or those of a loved one has often been seen as the norm. But there are so many new options that we have developed during COVID-19. We have been delivering many services remotely, which means using telephone and computer. This means you may not have to attend the clinic if that is suitable for you and your care. The decision to do this would be discussed between yourself and the staff member who works with you. Many young people have told us this works for them. If it is advised you should not physically travel to and attend a mental health appointment then these are some of the new options: 

For individual support with issues that are important to you:

  • You can use the telephone to discuss your mental health issues with a member of staff. The advantages are that you only need a phone and can make that important conversation count by speaking with a staff member.
  • You can use videoconferencing platforms to discuss the same issues. This can be even more helpful than the telephone as you can see the staff member which helps create a better environment to share personal issues. We use a videoconferencing platform that is safe and secure so your conversation remains confidential.


  • For support where it is important several staff members or patients are together:


  • You can use videoconferencing to attend a group or a meeting with several people. The benefits are that you can see and hear every single person in the meeting. This means you can see who is listening to you and when they may want to respond to you. You also can feel part of a group and that you are not alone when speaking about what is important to you.
  • We are running groups in this way across many of our services so that you can access the same support you would have had before COVID-19. Some of these groups are:
  • Groups for young people who may be worried or concerned about their thoughts and feelings.
  • Groups for young people who may be going through a stressful period with their behaviour.

 Speak to the staff members you know about accessing help remotely and we would be happy to help talk you through how it may suit you and your family.