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The Early Intervention team works with young people and young adults up to the age of 35, who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis.

Getting help quickly is really important if you're experiencing psychosis, so we'll usually offer you your first appointment with us within two weeks. We'll work with you to help you recover from psychosis and reduce the chances of you experiencing more episodes. We usually try to see you in an environment where you feel comfortable. This could be at home or at one of our community hubs.

Our team is made up of lots of different professionals with extensive experience of working with people who have psychosis. You may be seen by a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health nurse or support worker and could be supported by us for up to three years, depending on your needs.

How to access the Early Intervention service

In order to access this service, you would need to make a referral to Forward Thinking Birmingham or ask someone to do this for you. Alternatively you could visit your GP and ask them to refer you to us.

What happens next?

If we feel our Early Intervention service can offer the right support for you, we'll offer you an appointment with one of the team. We may want to talk to you and a family member or carer, to help us get a clear picture of what you've been experiencing. This also helps us to make sure your family is getting the right advice and support too.

You may be offered several appointments before a decision about your ongoing care is made. We'll agree with you which service is right for your needs and arrange this for you.