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If you're referred into our service, we may suggest that you come for an appointment at one of our community hubs. We have four locations across the city, so you can be seen at the hub that's most convenient for you.

Initial appointment (Choice)

Your first 'Choice' appointment is your opportunity to talk about what's been going on for you and what you think you want and need to change. We'll work with you to agree what kind of support would be best. This could include a service offered within one of our hubs or provided by a partner organisation.

If you'd like to bring someone along to your Choice appointment, that's not a problem. We usually prefer to meet with you and a family member or carer but if you're older, we're happy to see you on your own too.

Further support

After your Choice appointment, we may agree that you would benefit from a programme of support at one of our hubs. This could include psychological therapy, medication, mental health support or a combination of these. We'll also work with you to decide how often you need to see one of our team and will regularly review your progress to make sure you're getting the right support.

How to access our community hubs

You may come to our community hubs via a number of different routes:

Details of our hub locations are available on the Contact us page.