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Ed conference 7 detail

Teachers, counsellors, healthcare professionals and students were given an insight into the realities of eating disorders on Friday (9 June) at our first ever awareness conference, which focused on increasing understanding around the complex conditions that affect more than 725,000 people in the UK.

The day-long event, held at the University of Birmingham, saw experts from across the city come together to share their knowledge on a range of topics, including the physical and psychological effects of eating disorders, the impact of healthy eating messages in the media and the support available to young people and families.

Attendees also heard passionate and emotional talks from three young women with first-hand experience of eating disorders.

Hannah, who first experienced eating issues during her A-Levels, offered a powerful talk about how her eating disorder became her ‘reason for being’, before explaining how the support and treatment she received had given her life back.

Beat, the national eating disorders charity, was also on hand to highlight common signs and symptoms, as well as sharing facts and statistics around the conditions.

To round the day off, attendees were treated to an exclusive first showing of our new short film, which explores the experiences of three young people seeking help for eating disorders. The video is available on YouTube and aims to raise awareness of the fact that anyone can be affected by these potentially life-threatening illnesses.

For more information, please visit our eating disorders page.